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To provide the most complete and comprehensive legal protection possible.  Through innovation, integrity and excellence in all facets of our business we will bring superior legal security and peace of mind to our clients. 

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*Disclosure: Our plans are currently only available in California

Needing the services of a lawyer is not something which is usually foreseen. Most events which happen over one's lifetime are usually unexpected; however, you can plan for both the expected and the unexpected.  

​We provide the most complete and comprehensive legal protection package available.  Through innovation, integrity, excellence in management and customer service, 

For as little as $24.95 you can have complete legal protection from LLP Legal Plans, Inc., with benefits to cover you for all of life's events. 

A legal protection plan allows you to have legal advice and assistance when you need it without paying exorbitant lawyer's fees when needing the services of a lawyer.

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Legal Support and Security Made Available and Affordable for All.

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